September 9, 2016
Dear Keith,
I wanted to provide a testimonial as to the impact your business has helped me personally and my employer
We began our relationship over 25 years ago. At Foodbrands America, with over 13,000 employees needing
assistance with its compliance and loss prevention efforts. I was amazed at your ability to cover the various
federal and state regulations involving DOT, OSHA, EPA and human resources. But I soon learned that your risk
management model was exactly what we needed. I recall you spending tireless hours auditing, interviewing,
and developing action plans for our facilities that had the clarity our mangers could understand, get behind
and help enact change. Austian Risk Services provided an excellent tool for our entire management team.
Your matchless scorecard system help promote competition within our ranks to strive to be the best of the
best. The commitment to detail in the audits its clarity and pragmatic recommendations helped our managers
avoid wasting time.
I once again needed your assistance when I took on a new challenge with the largest cooperative in the state
of Wisconsin. Once I arrived at United Cooperative, I knew I needed Austian’s Risk Services to help foster
change within a business that had no clear direction or a concise road map to achieving its compliance and risk
management goals. United Cooperative must meet rigorous state and local compliance regulations for
highway and rail transportation, workers safety, agronomy and environmental quality management. When we
met in a hotel lobby and you walked me through your ARS Risk Reduction Review (RRR) system and showed
the level of detail and how it could be customized, I knew it would meet our specific needs. The audit reports
helped our executive team and the board of directors understand the challenges and the standards of
performance required. We are wrapping up our third consecutive year using the RRR system and have
significantly reduced our workers compensation and preventable traffic accidents.
All companies are looking for the type of results we’ve been able to achieve.
John O. Schoenfeld
Director of Safety & Compliance
United Cooperative, United Ethanol LLC