January 26, 2015
To whom it may concern;
Lopez Foods is the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned meat processing company and is ranked among the
top 25 elite red meat companies in the United States. Servicing the largest restaurant chains and retailers
in the world, Lopez Foods has a philosophy of continuous improvement in the search for excellence. The
company is recognized as an industry leader in food safety, cutting edge production, high quality
products, product customization, customer satisfaction, and high levels of plant safety.
Lopez Foods recognizes the responsibility for the safety of its associates and for the elimination of loss
due to industrial injury and illness. With the firm belief that injuries can be prevented the company has
developed a policy to provide working conditions and facilities that ensure the safety and health of its
workforce. Committed to working with all associates to identify and to immediately correct unsafe acts
and unsafe working conditions, Lopez Foods incorporates safety and incident prevention into every aspect
of the business. Partnering with Austian’s Risk Services, Inc., is one of the many ways that Lopez Foods
accomplishes this important task.
Lopez Foods first engaged Austian’s Risk Services, Inc., over 20 years ago and worked hand in hand with
Keith Austian, President, to develop a robust safety process through well written programs, facility
reviews, and consultations. As the size and scope of the company’s operations grew, Lopez Foods
implemented the Austian Risk Services, Inc., ARS Risk Reduction Reviews™ application and review
process in 2011.
The value of the review process became evident almost immediately with focus placed upon a startup
operation that was experiencing an unprecedented number of accidents. Within one year of implementing
the Austian Risk Services, Inc., ARS Risk Reduction Reviews™, the incident ratio dropped from double
digits to near the industry standard of 5.8 incidents. In 2014, the facility ended the year with an incident
ratio of 3.22.
The customized review was perfect for identifying opportunities throughout the entire process as it takes
into consideration everything from the on boarding of new employees to the physical aspects of the
operation. The process has enabled Lopez Foods to develop a standard of performance by which each
facility is gauged. By focusing on more than just being compliant with OSHA regulations it seeks to
incorporate best practices that will help Lopez Foods achieve a world class level of performance in terms
of industrial safety.
Whether a company is looking for a roadmap to develop, overhaul, or refine its safety process, the
Austian Risk Services, Inc., ARS Risk Reduction Reviews™ application and review process is an
invaluable transformation tool.
Richard Lane
Vice President, H.R.