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It's Not an Audit, It's a Review!

What is ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM?

The most effective/powerful tool to train a company’s safety and operation’s management team
o they can fully comprehend their internal safety program and regulatory compliance requirements

Why use ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM?

Maximizes Management's

Safety and Regulatory Training
Safety Performance to Your Standards of Performance
Focus on Opportunity Areas to Improve Safety and Regulatory Performance

Consistently Reduces Client's

Accident Frequency
Negligent Accident Cases
Accident Costs
Regulatory Compliance and Violations Issues

ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM is Utilized for

• External ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM for Companies
• Internal ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM for Companies
• A Combination of Internal and External ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM for Companies

ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM is

• Customized for Your Company
• Automated for Quick Review Turnaround
• Able to Review Anywhere from One to Any Number of Drivers/Employees and Vehicles, etc.
• Flexible, Enabling You to Use All or Selected Components.  Components Can be Used in Any Order
• Able to Preview/Print Reports at the End of the Review for Use in the Closing Conference
• Easily Understood and Easy to Explain
• Supported with Applicable References to US Federal and State OSHA, DOT, ADA and EPA Regulations, Company SOPs, etc.

ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM is A Third Generation Program

• First and Second Generation Programs have been Used Effectively for Over 1,500 Reviews
• Generates an Action Plan with Best Practice Methods for Improvement
Flags Critical Parts of a Company’s Risk Components
Weighs Opportunity Items as to How Important They are to Overall Risk
Expert Witness Type Review Process that Educates the Management Being Reviewed
• Consists of 175+ Review Area Modules
• Is Undergoing Continuous Improvement and Feature Enhancement
• Includes Top N Reports, Charts/Graphs and Ability to Export Queries/Data to Excel

ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM will

Keep Your Safety Staff All on the Same "Page"
Improve Teamwork and Organization
Increase Professionalism and Expertise
Help Identify and Focus on Areas of Opportunity for Improvement
Supply a Better, More Standardized Career Path
Simplify Training and Shorten the Learning Curve
Provide a Tool for Measuring the Performance of Your Staff
Reduce Turnover and Help New Staff Members Get Up to Speed Faster
Reduce the Inefficiency of Paper Based Data Collection
Enable You to Maintain Detailed Records and Notes

We Believe ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM is

The best way to ensure a company’s internal safety program and regulatory compliance are properly implemented and maintained for maximum $$ results

Our Primary Goals is

To Provide a Risk Reduction Review Program that is of High Enough Quality to Establish and Maintain the Standards of Performance to Safety Compliance for Each Level of Management

Most Importantly, a Program That Will Save Lives, Serious Injuries and $$ Millions

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