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ARS has developed Risk Reduction and Environmental Review applications that are believed to be the best in the U.S. and Canada.

ARS also offers discount Health and Lifestyle Benefit Packages (non-insurance) benefits that can significantly improve a company’s employee benefits package at a very low cost.

ARS Review Software Applications

The applications are based on the knowledge learned and experience gained from:

-          Being a Safety Professional for over 30 years

-          Being an expert witness for over 20 years

-          Conducting or over seeing more than 3,000 safety reviews

-          Building numerous partially computerized review systems

-          Building fully computerized review systems

ARS also has worked with over 75 safety professionals during the building of the first, second and finally third generation Review application to incorporate best practices.

The ARS Review applications have been used in over 1,500 reviews during the first and second generation stages. The third generation stage is now in use and currently offers two distantly different types of reviews:

ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsARS Environmental Reviews

Both of these review applications may be customized for your company using your safety and environmental programs, standard operating procedures and specific reviewer instructions. The program provides detailed easy to understand reports at the end of a review.  It even provides the location management being reviewed a complete best practices action plan for them to follow.

It is of High Enough Quality to Establish and Maintain the Standards of Performance to Safety and Environmental Compliance for each level of Management. Your company can realize the largest reduction in accidents and claims costs that is has ever had.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ARS Reviews

  A Third Generation Application Based on Over 30 Years of Experience and More than 1,500 Reviews

 Conducted in the Same Manner an Expert Witness Would Review a Case in Preparation for Court

 Customized for Your Company's Internal Programs, SOPs, Policies and Specific Reviewer Instructions

 Helps Identify and Focus on Areas of Opportunity for Improvement

 Consistently Reduces Regulatory Compliance and Violation Issues

 Generates a Complete Best Practices Action Plan at the Close of the Review

 Maximizes Safety, Environmental, Regulatory and Other Internal Training Programs

 Reduces the Inefficiency of Paper and Spreadsheet Based Data Collection Systems

 The Best Way to Ensure a Company's Internal Programs are Properly Implemented and Maintained

Saves Lives, Serious Injuries and $$ Millions!

Go to the ARS Risk Reduction ReviewsTM page and ARS Environmental ReviewsTM page for more details about these applications.

ARS will be adding to the existing suite of review applications by developing Maintenance Review and Claims Review applications, as well as other areas in the near future.

Discount Health and Lifestyle Benefit Packages

ARS has discount Health and Lifestyle Benefit Packages (non-insurance) benefits that can significantly improve a company’s employee benefits package at a very low cost.  The package can even help lower your medical claims cost.


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