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Negliant factors can greatly increase the cost of an accident.  Many times companies are doing the right thing, however, do not document them or document them correctly and it appears that they did not do them at all.  This is the reason that all aspects of safety starting with the hiring process should be periodically reviewed to help ensure that management are following the company and regulatory programs and they are keeping proper documentation on activities done.
Catastrophic Claim Examination

Catastrophic Claim Examination assistance is provided to help management on determining any negliant factors concerning an accident in the following areas:

 ·        Hiring (MVR, CRC, Experience, etc)

·         Licenses

·         Initial Training

·         On Going Training

·         Retraining  After Accidents

·         Best Practices Safety Programs

·         Accident Preventability Decisions

·         Discipline  Process

·         OSHA Compliance

·         DOT Compliance

·         ADA Compliance


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