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ARS develops tailor made risk control programs for all of the review areas.  All programs are built around each company’s associates and work environment.  Input from all levels of associates is utilized to help develop each program.  This helps to ensure that each program developed contains the pertinent operating information needed to be a success.  The utilization of client associates in the program development process also helps create a feeling of ownership of each program.  Each program is also structured for easy understanding and notes the responsibilities of all levels of associates.

The primary focus points on the development of a risk control program are to:

·         Prevent accidents that cause fatalities, injuries and property damage

·         Control the cost and/or the severity of accidents by properly managing the claim but most importantly preventing an at fault accident from turning into a negligent claim that could drastically increase the cost

·         Controlling regulatory compliance concerning OSHA, DOT, EPA and ADA.

















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