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Current Cost of OSHA Violations are:

-  Serious violations costs up to $7,000

-  Willful violations costs up to $70,000 for each plus management getting a court imposed fine, up to six months in jail, or both - criminal conviction, up to $250,000 for individual; and years in jail and $500,000 for corporation - corporate officers may be imprisioned

-  Repeat violations costs up to $70,000

-  Failure to abate costs up to $7,000 per day


An OSHA violation due to company negligence that contributes to an accident involving injury(s) will increase the cost of the accident.  It will usually increase by 4 to 5 times what it should cost.

The primary Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) review areas (modules) covered, as well as other suggested areas, noted by an asterisk (*), that are not required by OSHA but are part of the ARS Risk Reduction Reviews review include:


·         Bench Wheel Grinder Requirements

·         Bloodborne Pathogens

·         Chemical Hygiene

·         Compressed Gas Cylinder Compliance

·         Egress, Exit Signs and Alarms

·         Electrical Compliance

·         Emergency Action Plans

·         Emergency Quick Drenching

·         Emergency Response Plan

·         Energy Control for Authorized Employees

·         Equipment Securement

·         Ergonomics

·         Fall Protection Control Program

·         First Aid/CPR

·         Fire Extinguisher Compliance

·         Fire Prevention Plans

·         Fuel Pumps and Bulk Fuel Storage

·         Grain Handling Facilities

·         Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Equipment

·         Hazardous Communication

·         LP Gases (Propane) Bulk Storage

·         Machine Guarding Compliance

·         Manlifts

·         Occupational Noise Exposure

·         Overhead and Gantry Cranes

·         Permit Required Confined Spaces

·         Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·         Powered Industrial Truck

·         Process Safety Management

·         Radiation Protection Program

·         Respiratory Compliance

·         Service Pit

·         Skip/Trip Hazards

·         Standard Railings, Stairs and Ladders

·         Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia

·         Storage Areas

·         Tire Rims (Servicing Single Piece Rim Wheels)

·         Unsafe Condition (Miscellaneous)

·         Unsafe Employee Acts (Miscellaneous)


·         Chemical Hygiene Plan

·         DSPS Compliance

·         Electrical Compliance

·         Emergency Action Plan

·         Emergency Response Plan

·         Energy Control Authorized Employees

·         Ergonomics

·         Fall Protection

·         First Aid/CPR

·         Flammable and Combustible Liquids

·         Grain Handling Facilities

·         Mine Safety and Health Act

·         Permit Required Confined Spaces

·         Portable Fire Extinguishers

·         Powered Industrial Truck

·         Process Safety Management

·         Propane Handling - CETP

·         Respiratory Protection

·         Storage and Handling of LP Gas

·         Tire Rims (Single Piece Rim Wheels)

·         Welding, Cutting and Brazing

·         Welding and Cutting - Oxygen Fuel Gas


·         Driver Training

·         Employee Training

·         Maintenance Employees Training

·         Management Employees Training

·         Office Employees Training

·         Production/Sanitation Employees Training


·         OSHA Physical Aspects

·         OSHA Programs

·         OSHA Record Keeping

·         OSHA Record Keeping Inspection


·         Drivers*

·         Operation Managers*

·         Mechanics*

·         Maintenance Managers*

·         Production/Sanitation Employees*

·         Maintenance Employees*

·         Quality Assurance (QA) Employees*

·         Employees*

New review areas (modules) are continuosly being added so this list may not be complete.

Note:  Only areas a company selects to include are part of a review and new areas can be readily added.





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