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Austian's Risk Services, Inc. (ARS) specializes in the development and management of safety and regulatory review processes as well as risk assessment and advisor services, expert witness services and underwriting risk analysis. ARS is a privately owned Christian based company founded in 1989.  We have celebrated our 26th year in business.

ARS’ primary mission is to assist companies in the prevention of accidents, controlling accident related costs and regulatory compliance.  ARS strives to exceed each client’s needs to ensure maximum results are achieved.  Our goal is to be the premiere risk management service company in the USA and abroad.

Keith Austian
Contact ARS at 405.799.8611 Keith Austian, President

Over 30 Years of Safety and Risk Management Experience with National and International Companies.

Management at Austian’s Risk Services, Inc. would like to serve your company in one or all of the above services.  We will do what it takes to give you the quality service you deserve.


ARS has serviced many different industries, however, the top 10 in no particular order are:

1    Farm Cooperatives
2    School Bus Transporatation / School Districts
3    City Transit / City Para-Transit
4    Trucking Industries (All types)
5    Warehousing and Distribution
6    Food Processing Plants
7    Maintenance Shops
8    Manufacturing
9    Retail Grocery
10  Construction Sites 

ARS has helped many large companies turn their safety program around thus saving countless lives, injuries, property damage and millions of dollars.  

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